Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Date for Diary! 

NAPD ICT Event for Members

Seminar for School Leaders on Leading Change with Technology

NAPDICT is delighted to inform Members that a world renowned guest speaker on Leading effective ICT integration and enrichment has been secured to speak to NAPD members in Limerick on Monday, 19th September 2016 between 10:30am and 1.00pm at the Limerick Education Centre

Mr. Greg Hughes is Vice Principal of the DE FERRERS ACADEMY, Trent Campus, St Mary's Drive, Burton upon Trent Staffordshire, UK. 

Greg will be speaking at a separate event on Monday afternoon but he has agreed to share his experience as a School Leader, in promoting the greater use and integration of ICT tools, and especially mobile technology into teaching and learning with NAPD members at an earlier event. 
There is no cost to NAPD for this event and it will be free to attend by NAPD members who have paid their contributions for the current year. 
While Greg is an Apple advocate, his Keynote to NAPD will emphasise the best insight, advice and guidance that school leaders may find helpful in transforming the culture and attitudes of the school community to embrace more effective use of ICT. 
Greg will detail the journey his school took to transform learning and teaching in his school from his perspective as a school leader. This presentation is relevant  regardless of the  device a school decides to use.  

This event will be limited to 60 invitees and bookings will be through Eventbrite - details to follow shortly. 
Booking is open to NAPD Schools only. 

Mr. Greg Hughes - Biography 
Mr. Greg Hughes is Vice Principal of the DE FERRERS ACADEMY, Trent Campus, St Mary's Drive, Burton upon Trent Staffordshire, UK. 

Greg explains his background, role and interests in the paragraphs below;

I've been a Physics teacher since 1990 and a passionate ICT in education advocate for nearly as long.

Originally from Liverpool, I studied Astrophysics at University College London and now live in the Midlands, UK. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator (class of 2013) & member of the EMEIA ADE Advisory Board.

Currently I am Vice Principal: Learning Technologies & Curriculum at The de Ferrers Academy (UK) responsible for the Curriculum and the use of all Learning Technologies, websites and the ICT network. I am also the Apple RTC manager, the driver for the Academy’s highly successful 1:1 iPad programme and keynote speaker on Ed Tech leadership.

I have previously been a Science teacher, Head of Physics, SSAT Lead Practitioner for ICT in Science and Assistant Science College Director, and still teach Physics. In 2005, I received the Salters-Horners A level Physics (SHAP) Teacher of the Year award, and worked on the rewrites of the updated SHAP AS and A2 Physics textbooks.

If I get 5 minutes (which is pretty rare), I play guitar/mandolin/ harmonica, write songs, take photos and get excited about SciFi stuff! I also grew up in Liverpool a few minutes walk from the Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, but didn't realise they were the ones out of the songs until I was 10!!!

More information about De Ferrers Academy: 
  1. http://www.deferrers.com/
  2. http://www.deferrers.com/news/?pid=8&nid=1&storyid=17

More details about this event will be circulated in the coming weeks and will be available at the next NAPD Executive meeting and NAPDICT Blog.