Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Scratch - Ready Steady Code!

MIT Scratch Team has decided to add READY STEADY CODE fine line vector 
grids to the Scratch Backdrops Library. This follows discussions with 
Natalie Rusk, Director of Learning Resources and Research.
SCRATCH with READY STEADY CODE (RSC) is the Magic Mix to making code 
simpler, fun and easy to learn. This news is sensational! 
Bringing coding into Irish classrooms is at long last, as easy as bringing 
a pencil and copybook into school in children's school bags. RSC is an 
Irish solution to an Irish problem
The RSC Magic mix will be revealed at the National SCRATCH Conference in 
the Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim Co. Meath, on Tuesday 20th June.
The Conference is made possible with the brave and generous funding of 
Meath County Council. 
*Keynote: *If any organisation would like to support an invitation to Mitch 
Resnick or Natalie Rusk to deliver the keynote and launch the Magic mix, I 
would be very grateful.
The Conference is aimed at Educators, Executives, Tutors, Trainers, 
Leaders, Lecturers, Directors, Decision makers in the Primary, Secondary 
and Second-chance education sectors. Parents, who are keen to learn SCRATCH 
for the sake of their kids - perhaps as CoderDojo SCRATCH Mentors - are 
welcome to book their place at the Conference. Places are available but 
book your place today at www.readysteadycode.ie
*Thanks: *I am grateful to Pat O'Mahony Education Research Officer with 
ETBI for his email to ETB staff throught the length and breadth of Ireland: 
"(The Conference) should be of interest to anyone interested in teaching 
coding (or having it taught in their school or centre) at any level – 
school or further education – at a curricular or extracurricular level." The 
Conference is also supported by many Education Centres who sent leaflets in 
their Summer Course mail shots to schools. We hope all Education Centres 
and ETBs send representatives to the conference. Please spread the news.
*INVITATION:* Come to the National SCRATCH Conference for your own 
enjoyment and wellbeing and to be digitally upskilled. Perhaps you might be 
interested in becoming an RSC SCRATCH tutor.
I can be contacted at seamus_at_readysteadycode.ie
Seamus O'Neill

Seamus O'Neill
c/o Resources Development Service*
Navan Education Centre
Co. Meath

mob.:353 87 2308320

*The RDS c/o Navan Education Centre
is a commissioned/voluntary service 
offered by Seamus O'Neill,
We and Us Ltd.
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